Two men await sentencing for theft charges

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TWO men who pleaded guilty to theft and causing property damage at the Jerudong Market are scheduled to be sentenced today by the Magistrates Court.

A court document filed by prosecuting officer Dr Mohammad Hussin Ali Idris stated that on October 7, 36-year-old Mohd Alizam Hj Zaimin was tasked to wait outside to act as a lookout while co-accused Mohd Hussien Ali Safari, 24, climbed into three separate stalls, causing damage to their ceilings to gain entry.

They were only able to take $5 and two cans of drinks from one of the stalls.

Also in October this year, Mohd Hussien was involved in other thefts at the market by climbing into stalls and stealing a DVD player and a mountain bike on two separate occasions.

The court document went on to state that on October 19, 2016, the same night that Mohd Hussien stole the bicycle, he had climbed into another stall by breaking its ceiling.

Once inside, he took two cans of drinks from a fridge and exited the same way he entered.

Later that day, the owner of the bicycle saw a group of boys riding their bicycles in front of the Asma Hotel and recognised that one of the bicycles was the one missing from his stall.

When he confronted Mohd Hussien, he was not able to give a satisfactory answer.

This had led the complainant to bring him to the Sengkurong Police Station.

During the investigation, Mohd Hussien admitted to the thefts and causing $350 worth of property damage to the stalls.

Mohd Hussien had also confessed to another theft on September 26 this year when he stole $70 from an elderly woman’s handbag.

He stole the money when he entered the complainant’s bedroom in Kg Sengkurong.

During that time, he was brought to the house by his grandmother and to help carry her belongings as she was moving house.

Mohd Hussien faces up to three years in prison for theft and seven years for theft in a dwelling place along with an unspecified amount in fines.

He also faces up to two years in prison and an unspecified amount in fines along with Mohd Alizam for causing damage to property. — Syazwan Sadikin

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