TelBru launches community portal

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THE public now has a platform to share their ideas and provide feedback towards the development of a smart nation through TelBru’s online community portal.

People can now log onto and begin contributing constructively. The portal was created to encourage further discussion amongst people on creating a smart nation and at the same time provide people with a platform to discuss what it means to live in a smart nation to better understand the population’s needs and how current and future ICT tools can meet these expectations.

The launch was officiated by Buharie Amath, TelBru’s senior manager of Technology and Operations, and Chief Information Officer Hj Halid Hj Mohadi at the Rizqun International Hotel on the sidelines of Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) ICT Forum 2016.

Amath said in an interview that the community online portal is about keeping the conversation going.

“We want to make sure people can have a place where they can voice their opinions and have discussions on the Internet of Things, the Smart Home, Smart Office and devices,” he said, adding the online portal isn’t just a static website.

“We want to create a community where people can join in and contribute towards that. People can join and register and they don’t have to mention their name. They can contribute to ideas, discussions and challenges; for example, a topic revolving around one thing you would like to have automated in your life,” he added.

Amath said the aim of creating the portal is for people to share their ideas and have their voices be directed towards those building the smart nation and infrastructure.

“All the subjects we have are geared towards the smart nation. We’ve set some forum subjects up and of course users are welcome to suggest things, write their own journals and blogs,” he said.

TelBru will be rewarding people for their contributions by awarding them points which they can redeem when purchasing items on their web shop.

Amath said he hopes the community will embrace the platform and be constructive with their ideas and comments.

He noted that the online portal is also for developers to share their products and initiatives.

“We’re happy to support businesses and work with people to get people’s opinions. We encourage people to engage us and to come on board and use the community portal. We want to reach out to small start-ups and almost every Bruneian so people have their voice,” he said.

He said most of the people who developed the community online portal with him are young locals who will eventually own and run it.

“I want people to support them and I want their generation to support it as well,” he said.

The Brunei Times