TelBru continues local recruitment, training

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TELBRU will continue to train and recruit locals in efforts to develop human resource capable to propel the telecommunications industry forward.

TelBru’s General Manager of Human Resources Innaci Dass told The Brunei Times on Saturday that it has been partnering with various educational institutions, by working on syllabuses to cater to industry’s needs.

TelBru has also been sponsoring students under various certificate, diploma and degree programmes, to learn the necessary skills and knowledge and commence employment at the communications provider upon graduating.

“We have a current manpower of 966 employees, and out of that, 27 are foreigners. We are recruiting more locals, and we couple them with expertise from the foreigners. At the same time, we also work with colleges where we have introduced telecommunication programmes with IBTE under Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), to introduce certification programmes there,’’ he said.

Dass said they also have MoUs with Politekniks for diploma in IT. “So we work with all the universities and colleges to bring up their skills and working with them, sat with them and set up a syllabus,’’ he added.

Dass added they are currently in talks with the Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) to introduce a new programme on telecommunications and ICT.

“We looked at their syllabus and said this is the telecommunication industry’s needs. Sub-contractors need this. This is currently ongoing. We did this with IBTE, politekniks, UBD and we are now working with UTB. Very soon, we are going to sign a MoU with UTB,” he said.

The general manager said they have recruited 83 graduates who previously were under their sponsorship at their respective educational institutions.

Despite the current economic climate, he said they are “recruiting more”.

“This telecommunications industry is for the young generation. Today, we are talking about Smart nation and new ways of doing things. We cannot do business thinking tomorrow thinking knowledge is yesterday’s knowledge. We have to be up to date,” he said.

TelBru also has a “Young Talent Development Programme”, where it trains diploma and certificate graduates to become field technicians.

“So in terms of manpower and localisation, I can say we are on the right track. We are hiring foreigners, but only for highly specialised jobs,” he said.

Dass said with more than 40,000 people currently unemployed in the country, it is important to zoom in on skills-matching, where students are taught according to industry needs.

“TelBru as a government-linked company needs to take responsibility as a telecommunications industry leader and look into it (local unemployment),’’ he said, adding they are looking to internally grow their own leaders.

The Brunei Times