Registration for Life Skills Training camp now open

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REGISTRATION for the 17th Life Skills Training (LESTARI) camp is now open to the public.

Organised by the Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council (BDAC), the camp aims to teach participants basic life skills through practical training.

Siti Khalilah Hj Abdul Khalid, Secretary 1 (Administration) and Executive Committee for BDAC, said these life skills include communication, discipline, time management, mutual respect, future planning and decision making.

She said activities specifically organised for the programme will bring out the best in a person socially and emotionally.

“The training programme will enable participants to deal effectively with the challenges they face in their daily lives,” she said.

She said that while the programme won’t prepare the participants thoroughly, it does provide some tools to address future needs.

“A big part of LESTARI is the element of surprise, and that’s why the nature of the activities isn’t (publicly) known so the participants can enjoy this once in a lifetime training fully.

“We want the participants to experience it fully and for themselves. It wouldn’t be fun if they knew what to expect.

“No two LESTARIs are the same in the sense that they’re always unique every time round,” she said.

“Each of the participants comes with different intentions and objectives, and depending on what they are, we always hope to deliver the life lessons to them,“ she added.

Siti Khalilah said graduates of the programme have said that participating in it has affected their future outlook positively.

This includes changes and improvements in certain areas. They are able to better socialise with others, better respect those around them, plan their future and are more confident to bounce back from failure.

“LESTARI was derived from drug rehabilitation training and to improve the confidence of those affected with HIV. It has helped improve many lives, and while HIV cases are lower in Brunei compared to other countries, we hope with LESTARI, the participants are able to live positively and show respect to others regardless of one’s status.”

She hopes the programme will be able to help each participant develop leadership skills, become a better person in general and be able to achieve their targets or goals.

The participants are limited to 50 — 25 males and 25 females.

“There have been requests for LESTARI to increase the number of participants, but it needs to be limited to that number to ensure effective training,” said Siti Khalilah.

Registration is open to youth between the ages of 16 to 26 until November 19. The registration fee is $35 inclusive of accommodation and meals.

Forms can be downloaded at and should be submitted to 1st Floor, Unit 17, Block E, Simpang 100, Jalan Jerudong, Kampong Sengkurong, BG3112, Negara Brunei Darussalam.

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