Lumut 1 MPK appoints new executive members

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NEW executive members of Kg Lumut 1’s Village Consultative Council (MPK) were appointed, following the voting made at its community hall yesterday.

The new members will take charge of the various bureaus and tasks under the MPK for five years.

Lumut 1 MPK Chairperson Hj Mohd Shafiee Hj Ahmad, said that he hoped they could organise more activities and bring more improvements to the village.

Although a total of 15 members were appointed, Hj Mohd Shafiee said the figure has not been finalised yet because some of the former executive members were also re-appointed.

“So in two weeks time, I can determine whether or not (the re-appointed former members) will be assuming the post, because this also depends on their answers, and I need to see them personally to make sure that they are up for the position,” he said.

While the executive members were voted by villagers, Hj Mohd Shafiee had expressed a little disappointment over the number of people coming to cast their votes.

“If it is not us, then who else can determine the best persons to help administer the village’s affairs? We should be more active because this matter relates to our village,” he said.

He urged all villagers would be able to take an active stance in the future, adding that the new line of executive members could disseminate such awareness to them.

The Brunei Times