Local man pleads guilty to multiple theft charges

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A LOCAL man pleaded guilty to multiple theft charges at the Intermediate Court today.

Muhd Zulhilmi Abdullah, 26, recently had separate charges in the Magistrates’ Court consolidated with his case in the Intermediate Court to which he admitted to all the charges against him yesterday.

He had committed theft on 11 separate occasions at houses, cars and other places between January and September 2016, some of them alongside accomplices, after having been released from serving a prison sentence during November of the previous year for theft offences.

He admitted to all the charges during yesterday’s proceedings before the presiding Judge Pg Masni Pg Hj Bahar.

In his mitigation, he pleaded for a lenient sentence which is concurrent for all the charges saying that he has two young children who need him as they are growing up.

He also expressed remorse for his actions and asked for his past convictions not to be taken into account when considering his sentence as it would make it more difficult to find a job upon being released from prison.

The defendant was ordered to be further remanded at the Jerudong prison until the next mention of the case on the afternoon of November 12, 2016.

He faces up to seven years’ imprisonment for the offence of committing theft in a house of dwelling.

The Brunei Times