Good response for Jefri Bolkiah Mosque’s ‘cube amal’

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Public responses and donation for the Jefri Bolkiah Mosque ‘cube amal’ or charity cube continues to be encouraging with donations mostly pouring in after Friday prayers and after payday at the end of the month, said the mosque’s Mosque Affairs Officer yesterday.

The charity cube was set up on October 12 last month to provide the public with a platform to donate food and other essential items to those in need.

The mosque’s committee members, which include Imam Rozaime Hj Bunal and Imam Hj Aduka Hj Abdul, set up the charity cube after being inspired by the charitable actions of mosques in neighbouring countries.

Imam Rozaime Hj Bunal told The Brunei Times, “Alhamdulilah, the amount of items donated are always enough for needy families who come here and we have seen an increase in the number of items donated.”

The charity cube continues to receive basic food essentials such as rice, canned food, cooking oil, sugar, flour and eggs.

Imam Rozaime previously made a call for the public to donate not only food items but also school stationeries and toiletries.

“Recently we have received donations in the forms of diapers and toiletries (shampoos, toothpaste, soaps and clothes detergent). We also encourage people to donate baby milk formula,” he said.

Needy families from within and outside of Kg Batong continue to come to the mosque to pick up items that they need.

“I hope that more people will come forward to donate and may Allah SWT grant hidayah (guidance) to them so that they would love coming to the mosque, especially during prayer times,” he added.

The news of the charity cube went viral last month via social media and Imam Rozaime said the mosque will continue to use social media to highlight the initiative from time to time.

The mosque welcomes anyone who wishes to contribute, and anyone who is in need can take the items.

The cubes are strategically placed in front of the mosque’s entrance. There are 30 cubes and five long shelves for people to place their donation.

Those who wish to donate can do so directly by placing their items on the cubes and shelves. People can come between from 7am to 9pm to drop off their donations and to take the items.

The Brunei Times