Chinese nationals remanded for further investigation

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FIVE Chinese nationals were brought before the Intermediate Court yesterday to have their remand extended as the prosecution finalises the charges against them for using counterfeit automatic teller machine (ATM) cards in Brunei.

The five men, Zhong Xiaohui, Xie Lirong, Lai Haiyang, Zhong Xiuying and Zhong Jianyuan were arrested in June this year.

They were caught after an HSBC bank officer filed a police report about counterfeit ATM cards being used on their ATM machines.

They are also suspected of carrying out similar actions at other local banks.

However, they have not yet been charged by the prosecution as thorough investigations had to be carried out.

During yesterday’s proceedings before presiding Judge Radin Safiee Radin Mas Basiuni, the prosecution sought for additional days before the accused men can be charged as they are still in the process of securing the services of a translator.

The next mention date for the case to be on November 19 when the court will hear of any updates.

The prosecution indicated yesterday that a total of 133 charges will be brought against the five men.

The Brunei Times