Man found guilty for misappropriating Zakat money

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A FORMER Secondary School Registrar is scheduled to be sentenced next week on Tuesday after he was found guilty on Thursday on the charge of misappropriation of nearly $90,000 of Zakat money.

Shahrul Rizam Hj Ramlee, a Secondary School Registrar with the Department of Islamic Religious Council, Ministry of Religious Affairs, was found guilty by the Intermediate Court, on the charge of Criminal Breach of Trust by a Public Servant.

Investigations conducted by the Anti-Corruption Bureau revealed that sometime between July 25, 2011, and April 2, 2012, Shahrul Rizam had committed criminal breach of trust on Zakat Fitrah collection money which was entrusted to him in the sum of BND$86,344.77 when he was attached with the Zakat Fitrah Collection and Distribution Unit, Belait District.

Shahrul Rizam faces an imprisonment term of up to 10 years and an unspecified amount in fines.

During the proceedings yesterday, Ahmad Zakaria, the defence counsel for Shahrul Rizam, sought for the court to consider ordering the defendant to serve a probation and community service on grounds of the delay and prosecution of the case.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Yvonne Lim contended that the offence warrants a custodial sentence as the money was not a small amount.

The Brunei Times