JPMC looks to introduce hand hygiene programme at primary schools

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THE Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) Infection Prevention and Control Committee plans to introduce a pilot programme at a primary school to raise awareness on the significance of hand hygiene in preventing diseases.

Speaking to _The Brunei Times _recently, Chairman of the JPMC Infection Prevention and Control Committee Dr Meera Sahib Kabeer said the committee was trying to identify schools at the primary school level for the programme at the moment.

He was speaking on the sidelines of a conference organised by JPMC in observance of International Infection Prevention Week this year.

Dr Kabeer said teaching children hygiene habits would ensure that they carry it on to adulthood.

“It is easier to make children understand and for them to adopt (better hygiene habits),” he said.

Dr Kabeer said that good hand hygiene is important in preventing any disease.

“It is an easier way of spreading infections because you touch everything and shake hands with people, and everything you touch may not be clean.

“You can easily transmit a disease from your hand to another person. That is the reason it is said that hand hygiene is the gateway to infection prevention,” he said.

According to Dr Kabeer, the programme will include a team of infection control nurses from JPMC using audiovisual elements to help children understand and learn better hand hygiene habits.

“We will start (the programme) at one school first, see how it goes, then we will spread it to other schools,” he said.

He added that JPMC has, previously, received students from schools to take part in similar programmes.

“But we thought an outreach approach will be much better (to underscore the significance of important hand hygiene among students),” he said.

The Brunei Times