Event seeks to foster local talent

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THE Singers, Musicians and Dancers Association (Persatuan 3P) hosted an event yesterday at the Youth Centre Cafe to discuss local music and talent.

At the sharing session, organised by the Putra Seni Group (KPS), local artists and talent shared their opinions and discussed how to improve and promote local art and talent in Brunei.

The discussion also included the topic of what forms of local art are acceptable and can be appreciated in the country.

The session was led by Persatuan 3P President Hjh Saadiah Hj Ghazali, Vice President Zulkifli Butir and advisor Major (B) Hj Manaf Kamis. Representing Putra Seni was their Chairman, Mohd Zefri Ariff Mohd Zain Ariff.

Zulkifli told reporters that the association aims to unite local talent from different art backgrounds and also help shape and guide them to the right path.

“We (Persatuan 3P) will always give our members chances to join workshops and sharing sessions organised by Putra Seni. We invite anyone who has an interest in art — painters, music composers, music arrangers,” he said.

He said activities they conduct are not solely for entertainment but also as a platform for talent to learn more about their respective art.

“We have a lot of local talent who are making a name for themselves. Why don’t we appreciate and help them proceed to an international level?” Zulkifli said in an interview with The Brunei Times.

“We also aim to strengthen not only relationships between local talent but also with talent from other countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.”

Zulkifli said those interested in becoming members can be of any age and from any background.

“We want to give a chance to the new generation. Each possesses their own talent. It’s a pity if Persatuan 3P doesn’t help them grab opportunities,” he said.

The association is planning to organise roadshows in all four districts and conduct workshops and courses where they teach the talent from scratch, such as teaching vocals to singers.

The Brunei Times