BDRCS plans school surveys on volunteer work

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THE Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) is planning to hold a national survey on volunteer work across all schools in the sultanate next year.

Head of the National School Cadets at BDRCS, Mohd Rosdi Hj Ruslan said this recently on the sidelines of a goodwill visit between BDRCS and Universiti Selangor’s Red Crescent Society held at the youth centre in the capital.

Mohd Rosdi said BDRCS will be conducting a volunteer work survey at all schools nationwide, including primary schools, and also to encourage more students to volunteer at BDRCS.

“The survey will be conducted next year as part of our Youth as Agents of Behavioural Change (YABC) and school safety project,” he said.

The YABC programme is a prime initiative of the BDRCS to promote a culture without violence as well as to generate youth that have leadership capabilities.

According to him, a small scale survey was carried out last year in one school and the results showed poor knowledge in disaster management.

“We’ve held a small one last year in one school and the results were negative,” he said, noting that there was a lack of knowledge about disaster precautions.

He said the survey also hopes to raise awareness amongst the community and to ensure they will be equipped with knowledge and will be prepared to respond to catastrophic events such as fires or floods.

He noted that while Brunei is not exposed to high levels of natural hazards, compared to other countries, it is still important for the sultanate and its people to be prepared.

The Brunei Times