Tourist accomodation premises must register with MPRT

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OWNERS of tourist accommodation premises are required to register with the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism under the newly announced Tourism Order 2016.

This will allow the ministry to classify the accomodation premises in the appropriate category, said a tourism officer.

Nor-Irrafidah Hj Ismail who oversees licencing and enforcement under the new order said that there are more than a hundred tourist accommodation premises currently operating in Brunei.

“However, a number of these premises have not been properly classified into the correct categories which include hotels, motels and homestays,” she told The Brunei Times on Wednesday.

“For example, there are a number of premises who mislabel and market themselves as hotels without actually fulfilling the standards of being one (and) this is why they need to be classified to prevent the nation’s tourists from being misled,” said Nor-Irrafidah.

This problem, she said, also extends to homestays.

She said that the ministry, through the Tourism Development Department, has observed that some premises have inaccurately labelled themselves as homestays.

“These homestays would have rooms built outside of their house where lodgers would stay (and) that is not right because by definition, a homestay is where the lodgers stay within the house where they interact and share meals with the family,” she said.

“It is our responsibility to set standards for the nation’s tourist accommodation premises (and) this is done through the classification process which will prevent tourists coming into the country from feeling cheated,” explained the tourism officer.

With these classifications, she said, tourist accommodation premises in Brunei can be represented and marketed accurately to strengthen tourists’ confidence in Brunei’s tourism industry.

Nor-Irrafidah went on to say that once all of the tourist accommodation premises in the sultanate are classified accordingly, the Tourism Development Department will look to establish a star rating system, something that has never been done before in the sultanate.

The Brunei Times