Muslims reminded to guard their hearts

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MUSLIMS across the sultanate yesterday were told to protect the sanctity of their hearts against turning away from Allah SWT.

In the Firday sermon, imams highlighted the importance of the heart as it helps shape the life of an individual because the heart dictates the actions taken.

“Because of this, every member of the body will be held accountable and will be questioned in the hereafter for their actions,” said imams yesterday.

They said that due to this, Muslims should remain steadfast in maintaining the purity of their hearts because an impure heart contaminates the body and ruins the individual’s good deed.

To reflect this, imams quoted a sabda by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that said: “Truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh which, if it be sound, all the body is sound and which, if it be diseased, all of it is diseased, truly it is the heart.”

There are three categories in which an individual’s heart falls into, the first being the sick heart which is a heart that is plagued by sins such as pride and slander which the imams added could cause the death of the heart.

The second is the dead heart, a heart that is controlled by its desires and the influence of demons, so much so that it has caused the heart to be sealed from the light of knowledge causing it to turn away from Allah SWT.

The third is the sound heart which is the heart of an individual of strong faith. This is the heart that is devoted towards remembering Allah SWT causing the owner to always be in a state of peace and harmony.

Imams went on to remind congregants that one of the main causes of the death of one’s heart is the inability to control one’s tongue which may lead the individual to adopt evil traits such as slander.

“The easiest way to overcome all of this is to keep quiet as talking may lead to problems that bring harm to other people,” they said.

The eyes of a Muslim should also be controlled because when they are gazing at something that is forbidden by Allah, it may lead the individual to commit sins such as sex outside of wedlock (zina).

“The best way to cure our hearts is by reading Al-Quran as well as understanding its contents and practise it daily,” they added.

Imams said that Muslims should make an effort to cure their hearts and cleanse their souls because every ailment has a cure and hopefully Muslims across the sultanate will be among the purest of hearts.

The Brunei Times