First time traffic offenders can be fined up to $200

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LAND Transport Department (LTD) and the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) yesterday announced amendments to compoundable traffic offences, beginning February 1.

First time traffic offenders can be fined in the range of $50 to $200, depending on their offence.

Earlier this week, the LTD had announced that motorists who commit compoundable traffic offences under the Road Traffic Act Rules 2016 can be fined up to $500.

Higher penalties not exceeding a maximum of $500 will be imposed on motorists committing their second and subsequent offences.

However, the LTD and RBPF pointed out that repeated traffic violators will pay a maximum compoundable fine not exceeding $500 before the case is brought to court.

The amendments to the Road Traffic Act and Rules under Road Traffic (Composition of Offences) Rules 2016 entail traffic offences being turned to compoundable offences and no longer being brought to court.

Traffic offenders can be fined on the spot by RBPF or LTD while summons cases are processed at the court for conviction.

Traffic violations, which have been turned to compoundable traffic offences, include driving with an invalid, expired vehicle licence or road tax, or without a vehicle licence and driving with an invalid driver’s licence, among others.

The LTD and RBPF said these amendments are aimed at reducing the number of summons cases being brought to court, which is also in line with the Ease of Doing Business-Alternatives to Court initiative.

Further information regarding offences and rates involved can be accessed through both LTD and RBPF’s websites at and

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