Dusun lady embraces Islam

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A THIRST for knowledge about Islam was the deciding factor for a Dusun woman to take the leap of faith yesterday.

Prior to the conversion ceremony, Sebastian Norli told The Brunei Times that she has shown interest in Islam at a young age after attending a religious school. Despite being initially denied to study Islam more in depth, Sebastian took up Syariah Studies during her Sixth Form.

“From then on, I started to gain a deeper understanding (of Islam) and I started to mingle with Muslim families and friends,” said Sebastian.

During the ceremony, Sebastian said that she felt happy about her conversion to Islam and gave thanks to Allah SWT for allowing her a smooth transition to become a Muslim.

“Everything is fine, I feel happy that I am able to convert to Islam. I will continue to study Islam more in depth,” said Sebastian.

The ceremony was held at the Function Room in Mahligai Apartment at Ong Sum Ping, which was attended by Sebastian’s friends and family who gathered to show support and witness her conversion to Islam.

With the guidance of officers from the Islamic Da’wah Centre (PDI), Sebastian converted to Islam after reciting her declaration of faith (syahadah) and has chosen Safa Fatimah Zahrah Abdullah Norli as her Muslim name. — Syazwan Sadikin

The Brunei Times