ACC plans trip for Chinese media to ASEAN, Brunei

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THE ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) is looking to organise a visit for Chinese media delegation to ASEAN countries next year as part of the bilateral cooperation in promoting the One Belt, One Road initiative.

ACC Director of Information and Public Relations Division Vithit Powattanasuk said that Brunei is one of the planned stops for the delegation, adding that the sultanate will not be left behind in the progress of strengthening and enhancing bilateral cooperation with China.

“For tourism, we are going to bring more Chinese media tourists to travel to every country in ASEAN,” he said in a recent interview with The Brunei Times.

“We are trying to promote (Brunei) to Chinese tourists so you can get more visitors from China and benefit from our connection through the Chinese media.

“So Brunei is not going to be neglected in our strategy and we are striving to give all 10 ASEAN countries equal share from China through the ASEAN-China Centre,” he said.

During an interview session with ASEAN media in China, Secretary General of ACC Yang Xiuping said that the ACC organised for media from China to visit four ASEAN countries.

“Last year we brought 18 journalists from China to ASEAN countries Lao, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam,” she said during the closing ceremony of the 2nd China-ASEAN Media Journey on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road recently. The ACC is also planning to invite Chinese journalists to visit other ASEAN countries next year, she said.

The delegation will be visiting the countries with the purpose of promoting tourism.

Incepted in 2013, China’s One Belt, One Road initiative aims to revive the Maritime Silk Road through boosting connectivity and collaboration between China and countries surrounding it, including the Southeast Asia region.

The Brunei Times