317 feted for joining religious programme

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ANOTHER 317 students from 17 religious schools under Brunei II ‘B’ completed their participation in a programme dubbed ‘One Juzuk One Week’ with a Khatam Al-Quran ceremony yesterday.

The participants were among the 6,508 students who enrolled in the programme launched earlier this year by the Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Department of Islamic Studies (JPI).

Present as the guest of honour was the Acting Director of Islamic Studies Department (JPI), Hjh HajijahHj Moktal.

The event, held at the Songket Hall of the Rizqun International Hotel in Gadong, began with a mass recital of Al-Fatihah, followed by the reading of the final chapters of Al-Quran by the participants.

Previously, 361 students were feted with a similar event at the International Convention Centre (ICC) and another 300 were honoured last month.

The programme was initiated as an alternative Al-Quran reading education for religious students from pre-school level up to Year six. Students have to read the Quran every day in order to complete one juzuk every week within 210 days.

The programme has been implemented in 143 religious schools throughout the country with the aim of improving the quality of Al-Quran reading among the young generation, particularly those under 10 years old, through the practice of reading and meeting with Al-Quran tutors simultaneously.

Throughout the programme, the participating students were guided individually by their main class teacher as well as an Al-Quran teacher. They meet daily after the school period for the programme.

The Brunei Times