Positive response for Basic Tourist Guide Training Course

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MORE than 50 new tour guides have enrolled for the Basic Tourist Guide Training Course provided by the Laksamana Business of College (LCB), said an international trainer from the World Federation of Tourist Guide Association.

The course is one of two tourist guide training courses provided by LCB in collaboration with the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT) aimed to improve the quality of tourist guides in the sultanate.

Under a new legislation, the Tourism Order 2016 which was also announced during the event, it is now a requirement for all tourist guides in the sultanate to be licenced by completing the training courses provided by LCB.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Roger Rajah, one of the instructors for the month-long  course said the new tour guides have been broken down into three batches with the first batch currently undergoing the course.

He said this on the sidelines of a certificate presentation ceremony for participants of the Bridging Tourist Guide Course, the other course provided by LCB for seasoned tourist guides.

“This is a very positive response from the public (and) I think it is because more and more Bruneians are seeing the untapped potential of the tourism industry in Brunei Darussalam,” he said.

He added that the initiative by the ministry in requiring tourist guide licences for all tourist guides is a good initiative as it enables Brunei Darussalam to build the capacity of its tourism industry before further developing it.

“For these first time tourist guides, we are training them on a number of things including first aid, the history and geography of the country and the national philosophy, Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB),” he said.

He added that for the new tourist guides, LCB has provided a more hands-on training experience by having overnight stays in Temburong and Tutong in order for the tourist guides to be knowledgeable on the country’s tourism products.

“Through this course, we are also trying to highlight the country’s tourism products based on nature, particularly the ones in the Temburong and Tutong district,” he said.

He added that this is because Brunei contains the last virgin rainforest in the west-coast of the island of Borneo, which is in the Temburong district.

“This is one of the most interesting things about Brunei because the west-coast of Borneo, from Kuching up to Miri, the forests have already been disturbed by development,” he added. He then encouraged tourist guides in the sultanate to not overlook the country’s forests as they have vast potential in boosting tourism.

“With this course we have actually made future plans which is to provide a continuing tourism education programme for the newly licensed tour guides should there be any new developments in the country’s tourism industry and products,” he added.

He said that once the tourist guides acquire their licences, it will be valid for three years therefore in between that time frame, LCB and the MPRT will call upon the tourist guides from time to time to update their skills and knowledge.

Roger then called upon more members of the public, especially unemployed youths to enrol in the programme as it can provide employment opportunities.

The Brunei Times