Land Transport Department plans boat trailer guidelines

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THE Land Transport Department (LTD) is looking to standardise boat trailer specifications, requiring its owners to register with the department before carrying their trailers on the road.

Boat trailers are wheeled-structures often attached to the back of a vehicle to help its driver carry their boats around the country, especially towards boat landing areas.

LTD's Assistant Director Ali Hj Metussin said his department is currently drafting a guideline to help boat owners understand the specific standards that will be set on their trailers which will also be distributed to boat manufacturers and importers.

He said the standards and guidelines are important because not many Bruneians currently understand the significance of having specific measurements and features on their boat trailers.

Amongst what might be included are necessary features including signal indicators and brake lamps to help other drivers navigate their way around vehicles carrying a boat on the road.

He said boat owners will also be required to install mudguards to their trailer tyres to prevent water from splashing onto other cars’ windshield, as this could cause accidents especially during rain.

In addition, Ali said the boat owners might also have to apply for a Class 2(b) licence to carry their boats around with their trailers.

Despite being interview-based, the LTD would have the right to test these drivers should they doubt the driver’s capability, he added.

However the standards and guidelines are still subject to further changes as department has yet to present it to the higher authorities at the Ministry of Communication.

“But we have already conducted dialogues with boat manufacturers and importers and they have given us their input,” he said.

“If it is ready to be implemented, we will give time for current boat-owners to make the appropriate adjustments to their trailers, perhaps around six months before implementing the standards,” he added.

The Brunei Times