State Mufti: Use MIB to treat drug addiction

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THE State Mufti has called on Al-Islah Rehabilitation Centre to use Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB) values to prevent drug abuse and treat drug addiction.

Yang Berhormat Pehin Datu Seri Maharaja Dato Paduka Seri Setia Dr Ustaz Hj Awg Abd Aziz Juned said drug addiction is considered a disease, and diseases need to be treated and cured according to religion.

In his keynote address at the National Anti-Drugs Association of Brunei Darussalam’s (BASMIDA) anti-drug seminar yesterday, he said the use of MIB in combating drug abuse is a unique approach and should be implemented.

YB Pehin Dato (Dr) Ustaz Hj Awg Abd Aziz said he hopes Brunei will be the first country to effectively use Islamic values and teachings taught in the Quran to treat drug addiction.

He said hospitals and modern medicine have not been successful in treating drug addiction.

Drug addicts are not treated in hospitals, but instead at rehabilitation centres, he added.

“On this basis, the establishment of Al-Islah Rehabilitation Centre on November 1, 1987, is in line with the teachings of Islam, and the term ‘Al-Islah’ supports the idea of the process towards treatment and recovery,” the State Mufti said.

Even though Al-Islah focuses on rehabilitation through education, he said there is no evidence of successful drug addiction treatment.

YB Pehin Dato (Dr) Ustaz Hj Awg Abd Aziz compared Al-Islah’s approach of drug rehabilitation with Malaysia’s Narcotic Addiction Rehabilitation Centre (PUSPEN), which provides treatment programmes that cure and rehabilitate, which he said are deemed to be more effective and easier to be conducted.

“PUSPEN employs three types of treatment in their approach of rehabilitation. They are physical, spiritual and mental or psychological treatments,” he said.

He said these treatments are effective because patients are taught to use Islamic phrases and prayers to heal.

“We in Brunei put our hopes in Al-Islah in treating drug abuse and thus, we invite everyone to support Al-Islah together. We want Al-Islah to carry out its role as a saviour to Brunei.

“Al-Islah has the responsibility to not only prevent drug abuse, but also treat drug addiction. This is the responsibility of Al-Islah and the responsibility of everyone,” he added.

The State Mufti went on to say that drug prevention and drug addiction treatment are equally important.

“Even though prevention is needed for the community, particular treatments are needed to rehabilitate the drug addicts,” he said.

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