Sound wastewater management vital

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THE Brunei Association of Surveyors, Engineers and Architects, or PUJA (Brunei), in collaboration with PUJA Academy Sdn Bhd yesterday conducted an introductory course on wastewater management (part II) held at the Indera Pahlawan Hall, Ministry of Development Training Centre, Old Airport, Berakas.

 PUJA (Brunei) in their statement said the introductory course is a continuation of the ‘Introductory Course on Wastewater Management (Part 1)’ that was held in September last year.

 The statement added that the topic of wastewater management has become more crucial in this era of rapid development.

 “Construction professionals need to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge in the field of wastewater management.

“Understanding the basic knowledge on water cycle, the terminologies and technical jargons, the components in a sewage conveyance system and various sewage treatment process technologies, the construction methodology, green technology associated with wastewater management, and the treatment and use of the residual biosolids from a treatment plant are necessary among construction professionals involved in wastewater management projects,” the statement said.

 The participants, which comprised representatives from the government and private sector as well as PUJA members were given a brief practical approach on the components and construction methodology of sewage conveyance systems and sewage treatment plant projects, and factors affecting the economics of wastewater management projects.

 Invited speaker from Malaysia, Jailani Jasmani facilitated the course. Jailani has more than 30 years of experience in quantity surveying and project management under his belt, and was involved in several major wastewater management projects in Malaysia.

 Jailani gave an overview of wastewater management; sewage conveyance systems (sewer pipes and appurtenances); network pump station; economics of sewage conveyance systems; sewage treatment technologies; sewage treatment plant (above ground and underground) and Bill of Quantities for sewage conveyance systems.

 Jailani stressed the importance of sustainable development which considers the needs of the natural environment, healthy communities and economic vitality.

“Sustainable development is not only for buildings, but also in wastewater treatment works (where) we have to protect the environment.

“You have to protect the communities, by way of community engagement and all these have to be balanced with the economic vitality of that project. You also have to really train your workers to always abide by the rules. You must make sure that your supervisors do a good job,” he said.

 The course was part of PUJA Academy Sdn Bhd’s 10th Continuing Professional Development (CPD) talk in collaboration with PUJA (Brunei) since it was established in January this year during the PUJA (Brunei) Annual General Meeting.

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