Brunei PR found dead in Miri health centre

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A BRUNEI permanent resident was found dead at a foot reflexology centre in Miri on Sunday, with Malaysian police dismissing the possibilities of foul play as the man was found to have suffered a heart attack before his death.

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) said that upon investigation, the man was found to have had a high blood pressure and cholesterol level, leading to his death at around 2pm during a session at the foot reflexology centre.

The deceased was identified as James Voon Swee Ping, the general manager of Freme Travel Services for Kuala Belait and Seria.

According to his employer, Freme Travel services Managing Director Michael LP Lee, and his colleagues, Voon was in Miri on Sunday to seek traditional Chinese treatment for his leg and knee pains, as he was diagnosed with a “bone problem” at a hospital in Brunei.

Prior to this, Lee said the deceased had no known medical complications except for his sinus. “He didn’t smoke and was also very active in sports — that is why I’m shocked at receiving news about his passing,” Lee said.


Voon, said Lee, had just turned 50 on October 7, and was also scheduled for a medical checkup at Raffles Hospital in Singapore, courtesy of the company.

Lee said Voon was known to be one of the brightest employees at Freme Travel Services.


“This could be a lesson to others, that if they have health complications or even small symptoms, they should not hide them or treat them as something that could simply go away, as that could lead to a more serious health condition,” Lee said.

He added that everyone should also insist on getting to know about their conditions better, whenever they are being diagnosed by doctors as this may help them with their activities and their health.



The Brunei Times