Dep’t of Civil Aviation to undergo security audit

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THE Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), Ministry of Communications received a team of Security Auditors representing the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Universal Security Audit Programme Continuous Monitoring Approach (USAP-CMA) yesterday.

DCA yesterday said that as a member of ICAO, Brunei Darussalam will undergo a civil aviation security audit for nine days until November 8.

The USAP-CMA will be conducted on DCA, Ministry of Communications as the authority responsible for civil aviation security in the country, read a statement issued by the department.

The department has worked closely with other relevant key government and non-governmental agencies as well as airline operators involved in the audit programme, it added.

The conduct of the audit encompasses detailed assessments on several policy and legal documents such as the National Civil Aviation Security Programme (NCASP) 2016, Civil Aviation Order (CAO) 2006 and Civil Aviation Regulation (CAR) 2006 as well as the Airport Security Programme and also Standard Operating Procedures of participating stakeholders.

During the course of the audit, the USAP-CMA team will also carry out on-site security audits within the Brunei International Airport.

“The desired outcome of this audit is to further strengthen security measures in civil aviation which will ensure security of the travelling public and movement of goods,” the statement said.

It added that this will also enhance public confidence towards national civil aviation security in line with recognised requirements for international safety standards in the transportation of the public and goods through Brunei International Airport.

The objective of the ICAO USAP- CMA is to promote global aviation security through continuous auditing and monitoring of member states’ aviation security performance.

This is an important initiative towards implementing the global strategy in ensuring aviation security in the international arena, it said.

The Brunei Times