Carnival draws crowd to Belait museum

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A TWO-DAY carnival organised by students from Insitute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus managed to draw in around 700 visitors to the Belait district museum.

A total of 167 visitors were recorded on Saturday, and another 375 visitors were registered as of 4pm yesterday, said a representative from the student group.

The visitor count tallied at 700 as the carnival drew to an end yesterday evening.

Siti Najliyana Hj Rahime, a member of the student group who call themselves Brunei Patriots, said they had met their target as they had aimed for 500 visitors.

“Our aim here is to get people to know more about the Belait district museum since it has just been opened this year. The highlight of the activities was the traditional kite flying game as we also wanted to emphasise our heritage,” she said.

The group, comprising seven students altogether is under an attachment programme at the Museums Department and this was the second event they have held this year, with the first being at the Malay Technology Museum and the Maritime Museum.

The numbers recorded in two days had also exceeded the number of visitors registered to the Belait district museum throughout the two months since it was first opened, with only 357 visitors recorded altogether from July 23 to September 30.

While the numbers are encouraging, vendors invited to the carnival noted that more can be done to better promote the event and the museum.

Nordin Shahbuddin, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) rental vendor suggested for similar events to be promoted at least three months earlier, to give time for people to be aware of the event.

Promoting the event at least three months earlier, he said, may also give organisers ample time to build upon the size of the carnival, perhaps with more activities that can attract more visitors.

Sharing the same sentiment was a One Product One Village (OVOP) vendor from STKRJ Kg Lambak Kiri, Hjh Zuriyanah Hj Yahya, who came all the way from the capital to help promote the museum.

Despite being a little quiet compared to other places in the capital, she was however, happy to see more people coming to the event, noting that the event may attract more visitors if it is stretched for three to four more days.

Hendri Gusnawan, an Indonesian vendor said that the event could also be promoted well if there are banners at least nearby the museum to indicate that there is a carnival being held.

This, he said, is because people may not be able to see the tents or any signs of activity there.

“It has also been only about three months since the museum was opened, so a lot of people still need to know where it is located and what kind of activities may be held there,” he said.

He however hoped that more events could be held to help promote the Belait district museum.

“With a better promotion strategy and longer time span for us vendors to sell our goods,” he suggested.

The Brunei Times