MoE to introduce 19 new school books

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THE Ministry of Education (MoE) will introduce 19 new school books for the 2017 academic year, announced its director of Curriculum Development Department yesterday.

At a dialogue with teachers in charge of school books, Hj Abdul Rahman Hj Nawi said the new publications included textbooks for Mathematics and Malay Language, a primary school book for anti-corruption education and a secondary school book for Year 11 Arabic Language.

He said the four new textbooks for Mathematics were currently being distributed to schools and the other four new workbooks for the subject were available in retail stores.

Meanwhile, he said the supply for two new textbooks and two new workbooks for Malay Language were due to arrive from Singapore by the end of November.

The textbooks were slated for distribution to schools in December along with the stock of workbooks to shops.

Hj Abdul Rahman said the new textbook for Arabic Language will be distributed to schools this month, followed by six additional books for anti-corruption education in February 2017.

“In connection with the supply and distribution of these books, I would like to advise the schools to work together in receiving these books if the distribution is carried out in December, which is during the school holidays,” he said at the ministry.

He hoped all parties will cooperate in addressing issues relating to the management of school books in line with MoE’s vision of providing quality education.

In a sideline interview, the director also reassured the public there will be sufficient supply of school books for the next academic year.

He said the Curriculum Development Department have taken steps to address problems concerning school books.

“We try our best to ensure all the books are being supplied and there is no shortage... So, we are confident there will not be an issue,” he said.

The closed-door dialogue was a platform to provide information about the status of textbooks and workbooks that will be used in 2017 as well as enable the participants to share their feedback on issues relating to school books.

In addition to 160 public school teachers, the meeting was also attended by representatives from MoE and other government agencies.

The Brunei Times