Bruneian gets 2nd Da Vinci Award and Scholarship

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TEO Siang Jun, a lower 6 student from Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College (Maktab Sains), is the first Bruneian to be awarded the 2nd Da Vinci Award and Scholarship.

A press statement from the Energy and Industry Department at the Prime Minister’s Office (EIDPMO) said that Teo was one of two recipients to receive the esteemed award and scholarship.

The award and scholarship was granted by the ASEAN+3 Centre for the Gifted in Science (ACGS) in recognition for his outstanding performance at the 5th ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Odyssey (APTJSO) which was held from June 12 to 18 at University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) Laguna, Philippines.

Teo received the award on October 28 during the 71st Meeting of the ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (COST-71), the 9th Informal ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology (IAMMST-9) and other related Meetings, at the Aspara Palace Resort & Conference Center, Siem Reap City, Cambodia.

Teo was among 78 students who represented their countries at the 5th APTJSO which included Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sweden, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Vietnam and Brunei.

He represented Brunei’s Team A in the poster presentation and Laboratory Skills Assessment, along with the other members Muhammad Haziq Zikry Mohammad Ariff also from Maktab Sains and Noor Imanina Haji Ahmad Nizam from Jerudong International School.

Teo and his team were the overall champions, the gold recipient of the Overall Performance (CHAMPION) of the 5th APTJSO based on the team’s stellar performance in the two categories, according to the statement.

Brunei’s Team A grabbed first place in the overall Laboratory Skills Assessment and also received bronze, silver, and gold medals for Biology, Chemistry and Physics Laboratory Skills Assessments respectively.

Teo’s outstanding performance as a member of Brunei’s Team A and a member in the mixed-country group, as well as an individual, was recognised by the panel of independent judges.

“He demonstrated true scholarship and enthusiasm for learning at the competition and was equally sociable among peers,” read the statement.

Teo was one of the gifted students identified by the Gifted Education Programmes and Services (GEPS) at the Special Education Unit, Ministry of Education (MoE).

Recipients of the award received a certificate, a trophy, 500USD prize money as scholarship with a return airfare and accommodation sponsored by the ACGS.

The Brunei Times