‘Youth are assets to the country’

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YOUTH are valuable assets to the country, said imams nationwide yesterday.

“Islam emphasises the importance of youth in building the ummah (community),” said imams during the Friday sermon.

The imams said during Rasulullah (SAW)’s time, his followers who formed the first generation of Islam comprised youth as young as eight years old.

They said youth should emulate Rasulullah (SAW)’s followers who actively propagated Islam.

“Youth should be guided, taught and mentored correctly to become a knowledgeable generation with faith, morals, does charity and is righteous... Then we will be able to produce resourceful youth who can contribute towards the development and progress of the country.”

As youth make up half of the population in the country, it is important for youth to be educated and guided to become youth with vision and love for the country, said the imams.

“A visionary generation consists of youth who are involved in the development of the country to support the country’s Vision 2035 towards producing citizens who are educated, highly skilled, dynamic, and resilient and have a great quality of life.

“Therefore it is hoped that the implementation of the 11th National Youth Day celebrations will maintain more youth involvement in youth activities, as well as involvement in the development of the country, including volunteer work.”

The imams said youth with vision are those that can ensure the prosperity and progress of a country’s future.

They went on to say that Rasulullah (SAW) is the best example in guiding youth as he always urges them to obey worshipping Allah SWT.

This includes obeying the ruler, loving the nation, having morality, having a healthy mind and body as well as proper hygiene.

The imams said, as Muslim youth, it is important for them to obey Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by performing obligatory orders and staying away from forbidden actions.

One act of obeying His Messenger is by emulating the personality and character of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in every aspect.

The imams said youth should also respect their parents by caring, devoting, talking and behaving gently and lovingly towards them.

“Youth also play a role in propagating Islam by disseminating the good and preventing the bad as such actions can fend off any negative effects that can damage and poison one’s mentality where the consequences can damage the country’s future.”

They added that youth are hoped to contribute to the development of the country.

“The country’s desire to realise Vision 2035 as a country that has citizens who are educated, highly skilled and successful will be complete with Syumul (model Muslim) generation of youth who are not only educated but have faith and are devoted to Allah SWT.”

The imams said youth who have faith and are devoted are promised a high position and will be among the seven groups that will receive protection during the Day of Judgment.

“Together we pray that Allah SWT will give us guidance and strength to everyone and the youth in the country to have strong faith and strong identity,” said the imams.

The Brunei Times