UTB student develops system to lock doors via mobile app

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A UNIVERSITI Teknologi Brunei student has developed a device that enables users to lock house doors through a mobile app or online when they are away from home.

Qamaruzzaman Affandy, a computing and information student, said he has created a prototype to help individuals and businesses lock their doors with their mobile phones instead of keys.

“It’s still new and I’ve pitched the idea to several businesses and hotels. We haven’t gotten much feedback but we are hopeful that more local businesses will be willing to give our product a go,” said the 27- year-old who started his company Cerebral Network Technologies (CereNet) in July.

The prototype named Airlock works on most doors, whether made from wood or steel, said the IT student who was chosen to showcase his product at UTB’s convocation festival exhibition.

The UTB student was also a winner at the Brunei Info-Communication Technology Awards (BICTA) 2016 for his Deployable Flood Monitoring System project.

He said once the lock is configured, users can electronically unlock doors using any type of phone from anywhere in the world, adding that the airlock aims to monitor and control locks.

“If you’re an apartment owner or office with secured areas, you can configure it so that it notifies you who unlocked the door,” he said, adding that real estate agents can also benefit from the product.

“Real estate agents would not have to be present at their properties to unlock the doors for their clients,” he said.

There are two ways to lock and unlock configured doors, he said.

For guests who do not have smartphones, they can enter by calling a phone number (which is configured to Airlock), where they will later receive an SMS with the key code.

After receiving the key code, they can simply punch in the code to lock the door.

Another way is for users to download an app on their mobile device, select the door in question and hit the unlock or lock icon.

Qamaruzzaman said only one local hotel has expressed interest in Airlock.

He said this technology is not the first of its kind as other western countries have already started using such product.

While Bruneians are still warming up to the idea of smart homes — a modern way to manage households activity through smartphones — he is hopeful that it will be the “next big thing”.

The Brunei Times