No death certificate yet for Limbang crash victim

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A BRUNEIAN woman who lost her husband in a car accident in Limbang last September is still waiting on his death certificate from Malaysia before seeking assistance from local government agencies.

Mohd Jalaluddin Abdullah Jingga, 34, was the sole breadwinner for his wife Siti Nuraisyah Abdullah and their 10-year-old son Mohd Zulhairi.

Their son, who was also involved in the September 8 accident broke both legs and was hospitalised for a month at Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha.

“Right now we are unsure about how to go forward with seeking help,” said the 37-year-old mother.

“But we are waiting for the news from Limbang for us to be able to pick up his death certificate.”

The family, who embraced Islam earlier in March, were previously staying near Badas in a small rental place not far from the site of a private contractor whom Mohd Jalaluddin worked for.

Siti Nuraisyah has now moved into her sister’s house along Jalan Keruak in the Panaga National Housing Scheme with her son.

“We don’t have our own house,” said Siti Nuraisyah yesterday. “My husband’s family is from Temburong but we have been living in Seria. My son is also enrolled to school here as well.”

Mohd Zulhairi is using a wheelchair to move around at the moment, but his mother says his doctors expect him to be able to eventually walk with extensive physiotherapy. Aside from broken legs, he also suffered injuries to his torso and head, and has yet to return to his primary school PSN Pg Hj Md Yussof in Lorong 3, Seria.

Recalling the accident, Siti Nuraisyah said they were on their way to Temburong to visit family.

Her husband was behind the wheel and was moving back from the opposing lane after overtaking when they were “suddenly hit” by a Malaysian registered pick-up truck exiting a junction.

The Brunei Times