Brunei History Centre offers tombstone casting service

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MEMBERS of the public can request for castings to be performed on their relatives’ tombstones at no charge.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Hj Mohd Noor Irwan Hj Osmar, assistant History officer II at the Conservation and Casting Unit, Brunei History Centre, said the public can request the unit to do casting.

Casting is a practice or method of retrieving and conserving information found on tombstones by means of tracing.

He said that the Conservation and Casting Unit has received requests from not just from Malay residents but also the Chinese community. “The public would just need to provide relevant information on the individual to enable the centre to carry out the casting and conduct research on the information found on the tombstones.”

He said once the casting and research is complete, the information can be accessed, which will also be stored by the centre. Those looking to get information from castings performed on particular tombstones in the country can contact the unit.

“We can show them the castings as well as research findings on the particular tombstones which may not only contain facts about the individual but also historical data.”

The Brunei Times