UTB sets up new alumni body

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A NEWLY established UTB alumni association is recruiting more members to provide opportunities for networking, resource sharing and professional development.

Speaking during an interview at the sidelines of the UTB Convocation Festival 2016, Hj Minorhadi Hj Mirhassan, president of the Pro Tem Committee of the Alumni Association of UTB, said that yesterday marked the start of their recruitment drive.

“If possible, we would like to recruit all past graduates of UTB from 1986 till (today) to join the association. We want to (create) a vibrant association that undertakes various activities such as networking as well as to assist new graduates to look for jobs,” said Hj Minorhadi.

According to the president, the pro tem committee was established this year in late August and have gathered 13 members, most of which were past presidents of UTB’s student council.

He said through the association, UTB alumni will be able to expand their networks, share resources and contribute to the development of Brunei by assisting new graduates through skill development and providing career guidance.

“We’re looking into (creating) opportunities to be able to assist new graduates in terms of (skill development) such as interview skills and financial planning. (We will also) provide career guidance to (help) plan their career,” said Hj Minorhadi.

He added that by gathering more members, the association will benefit as knowledge and experience of members from various backgrounds such as banking, engineering and human resources will be shared through talks and meetings.

This will benefit all members professionally, especially fresh graduates.

“When you start your career and receive your first pay, (not many know) what to do with it. (I believe) it’s best for them to plan out their (finances) and (have a) retirement plan. That’s (one area among others), we would like to help,” said Hj Minorhadi, who has more than 25 years of banking experience and is currently the Head of BIBD’s Institutional Banking Division.

The Brunei Times