Three years’ jail for jong sarat thief

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A LOCAL man was handed down a three-year prison sentence by the Magistrate’s Court yesterday after pleading guilty to stealing a jong sarat cloth.

Adisukri Hj Sulaiman, 41, was walking alone around the Yayasan shopping complex in the capital on October 23 last week when he spotted a booth selling jong sarat and woven baskets.

Noticing that the attendant was not paying attention to the booth, he approached the booth and proceeded to take two jong sarat cloths and walked away.

He then immediately made his way to the nearby Tamu Kianggeh where he sold the two stolen items to a buyer for $20.

The booth attendant realised soon after that the items were missing and proceeded to lodge a police report on the same day.

Police investigation led to his arrest a few days later where the buyer of the stolen items was also located.

During yesterday’s proceedings before the presiding Senior Magistrate Hj Nabil Daraina PUKDPSSU Hj Badaruddin, the defendant pleaded for a lenient sentence as he was unemployed and had a mother to care for.

The senior magistrate handed down the sentence to the defendant, saying that the defendant had not been remorseful in his actions despite his record of previous convictions.

The Brunei Times