Online portal to allow delivery to Brunei from US shops

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LOCAL shoppers can soon purchase from more stores in the United states following the Postal Services Department’s plan to launch an online shopping portal next year.

Post-Master General Hj Mohd Manan Hj Lakim said with the web portal, Bruneians will be able to purchase items from American online stores which currently do not offer shipping to the sultanate.

He added that this move by the department will accommodate the growing trend of e-commerce in the country, especially the rising demand from Bruneians for goods coming from the US.

“The common issue for people ordering items from places like Amazon and Ebay is that there is no shipping to Brunei (but) with the online shopping portal, that will no longer be a problem,” he said in an interview with The Brunei Times recently.

Acting Post-Master General under the department’s Corporate Strategy and International Business Section, Mauludnah Hj Mohd Nudin, said for the online shopping portal the department is collaborating with Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) to make use of their warehouse in Portland, Oregan.

She said the online shopping portal will be similar to SingPost’s vPost website where customers must register and provide their actual address in Brunei Darussalam.

Once the registration process is completed, she added, customers will be given a virtual address in Portland which will immediately allow them to make purchases for any goods from the US.

“An agreement is being finalised between the SingPost and the department (so) once both parties have agreed on the terms and the agreement has been signed, the online shopping portal will be launched six months after,” she said.

A specific timeline has not been set for now, however, the department is confident that the web portal will be launched sometime next year, adding that the online service will become a new venture for the department to earn revenue.

She also said that shipping fees for the online services are still under evaluation from the relevant government agencies. However, she said the fees will be offered at a “competitive rate”.

“The world of postal service is changing and the department is changing with it. Postal services are no longer used for sending letters (and) it has now become a platform for business (so) we must keep up with the ongoing trends in postal services, especially the trend of e-commerce,” she said.

Mauludnah went on to say that the online shopping portal will also open up business opportunities for Bruneians, especially individuals who wish to become retailers or wholesalers of US goods.

“Not everyone in Brunei has the privilege to own a credit card and shop online,” she said.

The Brunei Times