‘Not all Bruneians are choosy about jobs’

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LOCAL cleaning services company Sparkly Domestic Divas, has expanded its team to 30 professional cleaners since August, when it employed just five cleaners.

Speaking to The Brunei Times recently, Founder of Sparkly Domestic Divas Santy Allim said that this shows not all Bruneians are choosy when it comes to jobs.

“So there’s a lot of interest to come work with me,” she said, adding that many of her employees see it as an opportunity and way out of unemployment.

Although she had approached some of her employees to offer them a job, she has also had others coming up to her regarding employment at the company.

She added that all her employees are females aged between 24 and 45 years old.

Santy said that she had found her “Divas” through social media as well as word-of-mouth.

Sparkly Domestic Divas offers cleaning services in four-hour or eight-hour slots, and has expanded its services to the Belait and Tutong districts.

On average, the cleaning company visits six houses a day, she said.

“Initially, people kept comparing my charges (to that of other cleaning companies or cleaners) saying that our company was too expensive, but they’re not looking at the quality or standard we offer,” Santy said.

Santy said that all her “Divas” are well-trained and know which cleaning products to use on every type of surface or floor.

She said that customers who use Sparkly Domestic Divas can also be reassured when it comes to security concerns about their places of residence.

“I (started) this company so that people (can trust the services offered), and I vetted my employees as well. I have their details, so if anything happens, god forbid, we can be held accountable unlike fly-by-night cleaners,” she said.

When asked, Santy said that the company currently cleans houses as well as private companies.

Sparkly Domestic Divas can be contacted through WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

The Brunei Times