Badas flames extinguished, monitoring continues

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FREQUENT downpour that started last week has allowed firefighters to completely put out fires that razed close to 20 hectares of lands around the Badas water pipelines in Seria, Belait.

The fires that were first reported four weeks ago was finally put out Wednesday, as thick smoke which created hazy conditions around the area was no longer seen.

Seria Fire Station Commanding Officer Md Sophian Hj Md Yusuff previously told The Brunei Times that around eight hectares of forests were razed in the fire.

“But upon closer look after the smoke cleared the area, land affected was around 15 to 20 hectares,” he said.

The rain, he said, was the deciding factor in determining their operation, as it amplifies the firefighting capabilities of his men against the fire.

“But it was also thanks to Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) for allowing us to use their fire hydrants in the area, and the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe) for supplying us with the water tanks,” said. Despite putting out the fires, Md Sophian said it is still not the end to their firefighting operation as they still need to monitor the Badas water pipelines to prevent any possibilities of fire returning to the area.

“Because they are peat land areas, there may also be fire underground, so we still need to make rounds in the area at least three times a day to effectively prevent it from surfacing,” he said.

Despite the fire being extinguished, Md Sophian hoped that the public will still cooperate in preventing the possibilities of fire from happening by burning anything unnecessarily.

The Brunei Times