Woman gets three years for extortion, prostitution

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A YOUNG woman who claimed trial over charges of extortion, soliciting prostitution and wrongful confinement was sentenced to three years in prison after she changed her plea to guilty yesterday.


At the Intermediate Court, 21-year-old Norazatul admitted she was involved in wrongfully confining a 29-year-old man on November 2, 2015 when he didn’t pay her $100 for sexual services.


Norazatul also admitted that she together with another person had committed extortion against him and put him in fear of injury.


The court document stated that despite the victim’s intention to pay her by bringing her to an ATM so he could withdraw the money, Norazatul called in a male friend to whom she owed money. She told the male friend that because the victim hadn’t paid her, she couldn’t pay him back. The male friend then beat the victim and demanded the money.


The situation escalated when Norazatul called in her adopted mother who brought along two other men who further assaulted the victim after Norazatul told them what happened.


After some time, Norazatul’s mother, who owns the house, arrived and told Norazatul and her friends to leave the premises. The victim managed to report the incident on November 4, 2015, which led to Norazatul’s arrest and investigation.


During the proceedings, in her mitigation, Norazatul was remorseful for her action and apologised to the court, the victim and her family. She further sought the court’s leniency in sentencing.


The court ordered Norazatul to serve her prison term with immediate effect.


The Brunei Times