Lorry driver jailed for four months over forged receipts

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A LORRY driver was sentenced to four months in prison yesterday after pleading guilty to using forged receipts to dupe a company representative into giving him extra money for customs duty.

On August 2 of this year, 39-year-old Malaysian national Sami Karim entered Brunei through the Sungai Tujoh Control Post to deliver items to Su Moi Trading Company.

While he was at the control post, a customs officer issued him an official receipt after he showed the officer a declaration form to calculate the customs duty payable.

While at Su Moi Trading Company, Sami met with the company’s representative and handed over two receipts. The representative paid Sami $97, unaware that Sami was using forged documents since he had only paid $20 for the customs duty.

The Brunei Times