Three years in jail for falling back into illegal drug use

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A LOCAL woman was sentenced to three years in prison after admitting she consumed drugs again.

Rafidah Hj Md Jublee, 37, was sentenced to the mandatory minimum sentence for repeat offenders as she has a previous record of two counts each for possessing and consuming drugs in 2008.

The court document stated that on September 19, 2014, the Narcotics Control Bureau brought in Rafidah for questioning for suspected drug-related activities after they found two packets believed to contain drugs in her handbag.

A drug test on Rafidah came back positive with the presence of methamphetamine, a Class A drug locally known as syabu, in her system.

Analysis on the packets further revealed that it had contained syabu.

Following the proceedings, Rafidah was ordered to serve a prison term with immediate effect.

In another drug case heard yesterday, a former prison warden was fined $2,000 after he pleaded guilty to possessing drugs three years ago.

On February 7, 2013, the Prison Department surrendered Hj Hairulazmi Hj Malik, 39, to the Narcotics Control Bureau due to an alleged involvement in drug-related activities.

During the investigation, Hj Hairulazmi admitted that he was in possession of drugs which he kept at the store room of his house in Kg Limau Manis.

The drugs were handed over to narcotics officers when they escorted Hj Hairulazmi back to his house.

Upon analysing the plastic packet, the Department of Scientific Services determined that it was methamphetamine, locally known as syabu weighing 0.4418 grammes.

The presiding magistrate denied Hj Hairulazmi’s application for the court to assist in reinstating him to his previous position at the Prisons Department. The court said it was not within their jurisdiction to do so, but the decision is up to the defendant’s department and ministry.

Hj Hairulazmi was ordered to pay his fines by November 28 or serve the in-default imprisonment term of three months if fines are unpaid.

The Brunei Times