Seafood prices rise amid low supply

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FISHMONGERS at Gadong wet market have hiked prices of seafood as bad weather has affected supply.

The fishmongers interviewed by The Brunei Times yesterday said they have been experiencing slow sales after raising prices to compensate for the low supply.

A fishmonger who only wanted to be known as Badaruddin said he had to increase the prices of his fish by $2 to $3 per kilogramme as a way of earning an income.

Based on his over 20-year experience of operating the business at the wet market, he said it was common to see certain fish remaining out of stock for a week when heavy rain conditions persisted.

Another fishmonger named Ong Boon Ting who has been in the business since 1986 said supply of seafood drops considerably during the rainy season.

“The price of the seafood (among all the fishmongers) would normally increase by about $1 to $2.50 per kilogramme depending on the type of seafood, available supplies and the cost incurred by the fishermen,” said Ong.

He added that due to bad weather, fishmongers would compete to obtain fish of the highest quality.

Meanwhile, a fishmonger who spoke under the condition of anonymity said the rainy season had drastically reduced his supply of locally caught prawns.

“When I have a large supply ofprawns, I would sell them for $10 per kg. Now I’m selling them at $12 per kg,” he said.

He added that on a good day, he would have about 200kg of prawns to sell but was only able to stock up to 50kg per day during the low season.

The Brunei Times