Project Habitat introduces tour packages

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PROJECT Habitat has introduced a number of tour packages to increase awareness that ecotourism and biodiversity can go hand in hand.

Project Habitat is an initiative endorsed by Brunei’s Heart of Borneo (HoB) initiative.

It hopes to develop an education and ecotourism platform in Kiudang-Mungkom, located in Tutong district.

According to Liaw Lin Ji, president of the Biodiversity and Natural History Society (BruWILD), the packages are only soft-launched and will be officially launched at a later date.

There are currently three main packages. These are bird watching, day and night adventure and school tours.

“We are new to this and are only doing a soft launch of these packages (and this initiative as a whole). Project Habitat is home to many beautiful lowland flora and fauna and it is accessible,” said Liaw.

“We have designed the packages to cater not only to tourists but also schoolchildren. The rates published are international rates,” she said.

She added; “We expect to learn a lot from this soft launch and we hope that this initiative can fulfill our goals.”

The initiative’s website, which recently went live, lists the goals of the initiative which include improving the livelihood of the local community through the marketing of local fruit produce and to protect local flora and fauna biodiversity.

It also aims to increase the awareness of local terrestrial and riverine biodiversity and the ecosystem while carrying out sustainable ecotourism practices by promoting nature-guided tours and photography.

There will be five individuals who are expected to act as tour guides for the introduced packages.

Project Habitat has been endorsed as a Heart of Borneo project since February.

Those interested can visit to obtain more information on the various tour packages offered.

The Brunei Times