Thousands sit for PSR exams

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A TOTAL of 6,675 pupils across the country are sitting for the Primary School Assessment (PSR) examinations, which started on Saturday.

The Ministry of Education said 4,762 pupils from government schools and 1,913 pupils from private schools are taking the public exams this year.

Pupils sat for the first paper on Melayu Islam Beraja last week, and will be taking the Mathematics I and Mathematics II exams today.

Parents were advised to provide support to the pupils as this would help with their exams.

Assistant Principal of Anggerek Desa Primary School Hjh Mahalini Hj Ali said pupils whose parents are concerned with their children’s studies are usually those who achieve good results.

“The students’ performance are shared with their parents so that the parents are aware of what needs to be improved, and they can also monitor the children’s performance at the same time.

“More parents are now supporting their children and insyaAllah the students will achieve excellent results,” she added.

The assistant principal went on to say that her school started preparations for PSR since March.

“We made preparations including holding extra classes, mass prayers, and motivational talks as well as providing tips on how to answer questions to the students.”

She said the school also provides breakfast that is high in nutrition to take care of pupils’ health.

Senior administration officer and Maths teacher at Lambak Kanan Jalan 10 Primary School, Rashidah Hj Abdullah, said the school also made preparations from the beginning of the year.

Apart from extra classes every Friday, the school starts lessons early and has an intervention programme that focuses on improving pupils’ performance in Mathematics.

Rashidah said the school has seen improvements in pupils’ Maths results leading up to the exams.

She said this was also the result of parents’ involvement in sending their children to tuition classes.

“The school also rewards students for doing well, which we hope will also motivate them to continue studying hard.”

Hj Jaludin Hj Amin, whose daughter is sitting for the PSR exams, agreed that parental support is important when it comes to exam preparations.

“I was there once, I know how stressful it can be, so I make sure my whole family will help her with revision and offer her words of encouragement.”

He said it is important for parents to be involved and help manage their children’s time to ensure they will perform well.

The Brunei Times