New batch of JENESYS off to Japan

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TWENTY-ONE Bruneian youth yesterday left for Japan under the third batch of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) 2016 programme, to learn about logistics.

The group comprised 12 students and instructors from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB); eight youth businesspeople from Brunei’s logistics industry, and a journalist.

According to the Japanese embassy here, the Japanese government is planning to invite a total of 250 Bruneians to Japan under JENESYS 2016 for this fiscal year ending March 2017.

The theme for this batch is “logistics”, and participants will be visiting Japan’s leading logistics company, Sankyu Inc in Tokyo. The embassy said Sankyu Inc has a unique business model of blending logistics, plant engineering and operational support.

The programme also includes participants visiting the Tomioka Silk Mill (Gunma Perfecture) – a silk-reeling factory built in 1872, as it is one of the symbols of Japan’s modernisation following the Meiji Restoration. The youth will learn how industries were nurtured during the early stages of Japan’s industrialisation.

In addition, they will go to the Takasaki University of Commerce (Gunma Prefecture) – a private university founded in 2011 known for providing highly skilled human resources for a wide variety of industries, particularly the logistics industry.

The embassy said through the programme, the Japanese government would like to contribute to the diversification of Brunei’s economy, as well as to the promotion of Bruneian SMEs.

"We are also of the view that the development of the logistics sector is a very important element in attracting foreign direct investment,’’ the embassy said.

The objectives of JENESYS 2016 (Economics) are to promote mutual trust and understanding among the people of Japan and participating countries and regions, to build a basis for future friendship and cooperation.

It also aims to promote a global understanding of Japan’s economies, society, politics and foreign policy, among others.

Country leader for the programme, Hjh Siti Eddyilahwati Hj Suhaili said: “I was chosen because I am one of the lecturers for the Economics programme at UTB, and we aspire to learn the best practices from the companies and universities we will be visiting in Japan.’’

Hjh Siti Eddyilahwati currently lectures at UTB’s School of Business. “We would really like to bring back the knowledge, and culture of Japan to UTB.”

Fung Hong Li, Shipping Coordinator at Archipelago Development Corp Sdn Bhd who is among four employees selected from the logistics company here, said: “We want to try and get all the knowledge on shipping from the Japan side and bring it back to our company.”

Fung said his team is keen on learning how Japanese companies carry out logistics activities, learn best practices and apply relevant skills and knowledge to their workplace.

Another participant Bibi Siti Norhafilah Hj Hussin from logistics company BIACC Sdn Bhd, said the trip is relevant for her and her team of four, who have been nominated from the company as the programme entails visiting logistics companies.

“We will be able to gain knowledge from this trip and apply what is relevant or necessary back at our company. We are hoping we can propose ideas to improve our technology, processes and ground-handling to BIACC from this trip,’’ she said.

The finance officer added she is looking forward to adopting the Japanese work culture into her workplace upon returning.

Third-year student Raihana @ Naziah Hj Mohammed from UTB said she was nominated by her lecturer as one of the top four scorers in the varsity’s Applied Economics and Finance programme.

“I hope to learn so much more about the Japanese culture, and since we are visiting a university in Japan, I also hope to bring knowledge on technology back to UTB,’’ she said. She added that she would like to build a network with participants during the programme. The group will return home early November.

The Brunei Times