Kampong Ayer families receive donations

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TWO families from Kg Ayer who recently lost their home to a fire yesterday received hundreds of groceries from the Department of Schools under the Ministry of Education.

Among the recipients are among students from Awang Semaun Secondary School and Datu Ahmad Primary School as well as their parents, who formerly owned a house in Kg Burong Pingai and Kg Lurong Dalam.

In an interview with the heads of the families during the event that was held at Awang Semaun Secondary School, both said that their families are still making an effort to look for new homes in Kg Ayer that may cost them around $10,000 to $15,000. 

The head of the family who lost their home in Kg Lurong Dalam on October 5, Bolariffin Hj Abd Ghani said, their family is currently making an effort to get a new house by purchasing a $12,000 house in Kg Pekan Lama, Kg Ayer.

 “The cost of the house is around $12,000 and as far as we are aware of the Department of Community Development (JAPEM) will help us in this matter,” he said, adding that are currently staying with their relatives since the day they lost their home.

Meanwhile, the other family head with six children, Pg Rafee Pg Yassin said, his family is planning to rebuild a new stilt house in the same place once they have enough financial resources. 

The family has been staying at Sungai Asam Sports Complex since the day their lost their home on September 27. 

“We already asked for help from the Municipal Department, and are still waiting for their response,” said Pg Rafee. 

 Present to handover the donations to the victims was Acting Assistance Director of the Schools Department, Hj Mustapa Hj Masri.

 The donations were an initiative of the Department of Schools through its scheme dubbed Miftahun Najah Scheme (key to success) as well as personal donations from its officials.

The Brunei Times