Islamic biz mentorship programme in December

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MASJID Zainab Lumut’s youth committee will be holding a three-day Islamic business mentorship programme in December to train participants on networking.

Dubbed ‘Muslim Go’, the programme will be held from December 9, with preferences given to Belait residents aged 15 to 20.

Throughout the programme, male participants are required to stay at Masjid Zainab Lumut, while female participants will be staying at Politeknik Brunei Lumut.

Head of the mosque youth committee Md Najib Latif said the programme is geared towards emulating Prophet Muhammad SAW’s personal qualities, including diligence and honesty in business interactions, which brought him success as an entrepreneur.

While religious lectures and activities have been arranged, Md Najib said the programme would also conduct simulated team-building activities that encourage participants to have a hands-on experience interacting with clients.

A bazaar, he said, will also be held as part of the activity — where 20 per cent of the planning and execution will be assigned to participants, who will be coached by the programme’s committee members.

Md Najib said participants will also have to think of promotion strategies to sell their goods, taking into account the values taught in Islam.

“We believe that this is important because we want people to practise Islam holistically, and not just within a restriction compound. One of the aspects we want to emphasise in this programme is that they will need to properly interact with their clients.

“This is also the first time for us to arrange this kind of programme, and it is not the typical lecture and cleanup, so we hope the experience they gain can be applied once they complete the programme,” he added.

The Brunei Times