‘Media should increase coverage on environment’

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THE media should be more proactive in reporting on environmental issues beyond timber, urged an international forestry expert.

Dr Tint Lwin Thaung, executive director of The Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC), said the media can play an important role in delivering the right information to its audience by expanding its coverage of environmental concerns.

“The media should pay more attention to the forest beyond timber. Most of the time, stories only focus on timber, logging and wildlife. This is very typical,” he said.

While timber-related stories are commonly reported by the media, Dr Thaung pointed out that there are other environmental issues which are often overlooked, including climate change mitigation and soil erosion control.

“When you talk about the forest, it shouldn’t only be limited to timber. There are a lot of resources that we don’t yet know or fully understand about the forest.”

Highlighting the diverse role of the forest, he said about 400 to 500 million people in the developing world still rely on various non-timber forest resources such as mushrooms, bamboo and herbs for daily usage.

“There are a lot of values environmentally and culturally which are not really reported, so the media should be proactive in covering other forest services apart from timber,” he said.

Dr Thaung, who was recently in Brunei to participate in the Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit, reiterated that the media plays a crucial role in keeping the public informed about pressing environmental issues.

“That knowledge can be passed down through generations. So media reporting will not only affect this generation but also the generations to come,” he said.

The Brunei Times