Man fined $1,000 for stealing spark plugs

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A LOCAL man was fined $1,000 at the Magistrates’ Court yesterday for shoplifting from a department store in Kiulap on Saturday.

Abu Hamizan Mohd Junidi, 30, pleaded guilty to stealing two spark plugs from Sim Kim Huat department store on Saturday night during yesterday’s proceedings before the Senior Magistrate Hj Nabil Daraina PUKDPSSU Hj Badaruddin.

The defendant, who has been employed in the service of the military for the past 11 years, had gone to the department store’s car accessories aisle on the upper floor and asked for the shop assistant for assistance to select four spark plugs.

The shop assistant then told the defendant that payment can be made downstairs and the defendant started walking towards the cashier counter.

However, after noticing that he was being followed by the shop assistant, the defendant quickly discarded two of the spark plugs and quickly slipped the other two into his pockets before getting into his car parked outside the store.

The shop assistant, who had noticed all this, then rushed out towards the car with a colleague to confront the defendant who initially claimed the items had been paid for.

However, when asked to show the receipt, the defendant admitted that he had not yet paid and was then escorted back to the department store’s office.

A police report was then lodged shortly after and the defendant was subsequently arrested that night.

The spark plugs had cost $29.50 each.

In his mitigation yesterday, he pleaded for a lenient sentence seeing as he was remorseful, had an unemployed wife and child to feed and that he has debts to pay.

The presiding senior magistrate then questioned the defendant why he had committed the offence seeing as he had a relatively stable job with the Royal Brunei Armed Forces while many jobseekers in the country are finding it difficult to secure employment.

The defendant replied that he initially had money with him which he thought was enough to pay for the spark plugs but when he saw that the price was more than his estimation, he decided to simply take the spark plugs anyway without paying.

“Although imprisonment is usually warranted for theft, you should count yourself fortunate as you are being given a second chance instead of being sent straight to jail,” said the senior magistrate.

The Brunei Times