Kg Belimbing council appoints 15 new members

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FIFTEEN new members of the Kg Belimbing Village Consultative Council for the 2016-2021 session were appointed in a ceremony yesterday.

The chairman of the Kg Belimbing Village Consultative Council, Hj Gapor @ Hj Md Daud Karim, retained his position while Hamdan Mantol was appointed deputy chairman.

Hj Gapor, who is also the village head of Kg Belimbing, highlighted some of the contributions and achievements of the former MPK members.

Kg Belimbing was a finalist of the Excellent Village Awards in 2014.

In the last five years, the council members have organised various activities including the annual Bukit Markucing run challenge, One Village, One Product bazaar, fishing festival, donations to orphans and less fortunate families, health campaigns and cleaning campaigns around the village.

Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Alimin Hj Abd Wahab, advisor to the village consultative council, stressed that the council members must be united and work together for the benefit of the village community.

“There are no big changes in terms of the lineup for the new village council members. But these members are selected by the voice of the people and they will rally support from the people,” he said.

The Penghulu of Mukim Kota Batu, Naim Hj Kamis, expressed hope that with the new members for 2016-2021, the council will continue to be active in organising activities to boost the village’s economic standing.

Throughout the years, the Kg Belimbing Village Consultative Council has also organised bazaars and festivals and has participated in various expos to promote the village’s products. Such events were also aimed at promoting unity in the community.

The Brunei Times