Expat unscathed in accident on Telisai-Lumut Highway

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AN EXPATRIATE escaped unharmed after his SUV swerved off the Telisai-Lumut Highway in heavy rain yesterday morning and crashed into a lamp post.

The vehicle’s rear axle and wheels were severely damaged in the collision as it landed on its side, uprooting the lamp post from its concrete base in the process.

The driver claimed he was caught off guard by a puddle of water that had formed along the highway a few kilometres from the Bukit Puan entrance which caused his tyres to lose traction and his vehicle to skid off the road.

“My guess was that the puddle had formed because the road surface was not completely even,” said Arien, who was travelling alone from the capital back to Kuala Belait.

“But once I hit (the puddle), that was it. I lost control.”

The Royal Brunei Police Force is investigating the cause of the accident.

The 18.6km highway, opened at the end of June, has improved connectivity by offering a continuous dual carriageway along Brunei’s coast from Muara to Kuala Belait.

But its safety and the attitudes of drivers accessing it have been called into question after 20 accidents were reported within its first month of opening.

Two fatalities have been recorded, the latest on October 8.

The Brunei Times