‘No need to buy designated boat for cargo’

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BOAT operators servicing the Bandar Seri Begawan-Temburong route are not required to purchase a new boat solely for the purpose of cargoing goods, the Marine Department’s acting deputy director clarified.

Captain Basza Alexzandar Basri said that as the demand for the cargo delivery service was low, it is not economically viable for operators to buy a new boat solely for delivery.

Initially the department had requested boat operators to dedicate a boat for carrying cargo, he said.

Under the Marine Department’s new ruling which came into effect on June 1, boat operators have to introduce a chartered boat service for cargo.

Due to the low demand, the department will maintain its previous arrangement which is to allow operators to use their current fleet of passenger boats to carry cargo and at times, allow for their boats to be solely chartered for the purpose of carrying cargo if necessary for their passengers’ safety, such as when the goods are too bulky.

Captain Basza said that if passengers would like to transport heavy cargo such as refrigerators, operators must transport the cargo without any passengers on board.

However, for medium sized cargoes, only passengers who purchase the goods will be allowed to travel in the boat to avoid exceeding the capacity of passenger boats.

The acting director said that the Marine Department will continue to monitor the situation and ensure the services provided by boat operators follow the requirement and are safe.

The move to allocate a boat specifically to carry goods without any passengers on board is one of the department’s initiatives to improve the system and ease both the public and operators.

Although the service will incur more cost, members of the public who still wish to transport their heavy goods, may rent a chartered boat from any of the shuttle companies in service for the capital to Temburong route.

The department also introduced compulsory ‘cargo forms’ to be filled with details of sender and receiver of the goods to ensure safety of the items being transported through these services and the monitoring of prohibited items.

The Brunei Times